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Getting back up

We all stumble and sometimes each of us falls down. And sometimes it's hurts. But one of the most important things in life is to get back up. Brush the dust off, get cleaned up and sometimes bandage a wound, then keep going. The next few steps sometimes can be hard because they hurt. The joints hurt, the ego and pride hurt, feelings hurt, but it hurts worse if you just sit there.

You'll hear "walk it off" and it works. No matter the type of stumble or fall, you have to get up and keep going, and just walk it off.

Today you took a crash on your bike, scraped up both your knees and took a training wheel to the chest, but like a boss, you got back on that bike. Yes it took you about 10 minutes but you still did it and my chest just wanted to burst with pride. And the best part was, it was your decision to try again.

You just have to hop back into the saddle and give it another go...

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