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Why do we wear Masks?

What is the real reason we wear masks? What do they do? Do they do any good? Why are so many people against wearing them?

I'd ask at this time you jump over to the forum area and take my poll on the why we wear masks forum entry there. I'm very curious to see your answers.

Now take that poll first and test your knowledge.

According to the CDC COVID-19 can infect an individual through your mouth, nose, eyes and/or ears. Now common sense says ears might be a bit more difficult unless someone sneezes right into your ear. So if you're wearing a mask that only covers your nose and mouth, it still leaves your eyes exposed. Now let's use some logic and common sense... is a mask going to stop you from getting COVID-19? No probably not. So, logically the answer would be, we wear masks to keep those around us from getting sick. The idea behind wearing a mask is to lessen the spread by keeping the virus contained by the mask when we cough or sneeze or even just exhale. Does it stop all the particles? No, of course not, but we now know, one way this virus spreads is by room saturation of the air. Now what's that mean? Well the more an infected person exhales, the more of the virus that is now in the room, suspended in the air. So if masks are cutting down on the number of particles, it, in theory, takes a lot longer to get enough of the virus in the air to infect people.

Now prior to the pandemic breaking out here, I would see a group of people, usually asians, walking down the street near Michigan State University, and one of them would have on a mask. Now in my own ignorance I'd think, "that's not going to keep you safe." Now I realize, after opening my mind and being educated, that person was trying to protect their friends because they probably didn't feel well when they woke up. Other areas of the world have dealt with this for years and have already learned a lot of these valuable lessons, we are playing catchup and in typical American style we haven't communicated it well to the masses and / or just assume everyone understands the reasons.

I'm guilty of it also. Even understanding it, I sometimes forget the why.

Now why are so many people against wearing masks...? Well I can understand both sides of this argument. While we should want to protect those [at higher risk] around us, were the mask mandates legal? Were they infringing on our rights? I think we have bigger problems from our government than being told to wear masks.

Now if you agree or disagree, either way I want to hear from you. Tell me your thoughts on this topic and the other ones I've posted on.

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